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Fast Facts before doing the quiz

  • A force is a push or a pull.
  • Gravity gives objects weight.
  • Gravity pulls to the centre of the earth.
  • A ship floats in water because the water pushing it up (upthrust) is equal to the force of gravity (weight) pulling it down.
  • Friction occurs when objects rub together.
  • Friction also occurs when objects move through air. This is called air resistance.
Can you answer the following questions?
Read the questions carefully and then select the correct answer from the drop down list.
 1. What is the name of the force that slows down moving objects?
 2. What is the name of the force which slows down a man falling with a parachute?
 3. What are forces measured in?
 4. What is the name of the force that pulls objects to Earth?
 5. What is the name of the force that helps things float?
 6. A ship floats because .....
 7. If an object is stationary (not moving) the forces acting upon it are
 8. In order for a stationary object to begin to move, what must happen to the forces that are acting on it?
 9. Which of the following is NOT a force?
10. When something starts to move a force can make it go faster.
What is this called?

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