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Fast Facts before doing the quiz (Click here to go straight to the quiz)

Sound occurs when something vibrates.

Vibrating objects make sound. This sound passes to our ears and this is how we hear.

Sounds travels through air or other material such as stone, water, glass and brick.

Sound cannot travel through a vacuum because there is nothing to vibrate.

We hear sound when the vibrating air hits our ear drums.

The more energy in the vibration - the louder the sound i.e. the harder you hit something the louder the sound.

The pitch is how high or low a note is. The shorter the vibrating object, the higher the pitch of the note.

The tighter the string, the higher the pitch of the note.

Can you answer the following questions?
Read the questions carefully. The answers are beside each question.

1.  How are sounds produced?

2. Name five things sound can travel through.

3. Describe how we hear sound?

4. What is the pitch of a note?

5.  Why does a bottle that is almost full of water produce a higher note when you blow over it?

6. Michael rings a bell. Describe how the bell makes a sound

7. What does the sound travel through to reach Michael's ears?

8. Michael rings the bell and then touches it with his hand.
Why does the bell stop making a sound?

9. Sally stretches an elastic band around an empty box.
She pulls the elastic band and lets go. It makes a sound.

What is happening to the elastic band when it is making a sound?

10. Erik makes sounds by twanging a ruler on the edge of the table.
Why does the ruler make a sound?

11. How can Erik make the sound softer ?

12. How can Erik vary the pitch of the sound he makes?

13. Which material do you think would be best for muffling sound?

Plastic Bag, stone or foam padding

Why do you think that?

14. Explain what sound is and how it travels.

15. Sound can travel through water. True or false?

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