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The River Severn at Bewdly

Bewdley is a small town in the county of Worcestershire, England.

Distance from Source: 172 km (107 miles)

Height above Sea Level: 22m

Width of river: 54m

Most of the town of Bewdley is situated on the western bank of the River Severn, including the main street — Load Street — whose name derives from lode, an old word for ferry.

image: river Severn
Looking across the River Severn to the man town of Bewdly.

image: downstream
Looking downstream

image: tree trunk in front of houses

How do you think the tree trunk got here?

image: clode up of tree trunk

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Key Vocabulary

The movement of pebbles, sand, sticks and mud (the 'load') down a river.

Flotation. Materials such trees and branches are carried on the surface of the water. If there is a boulder or other large object in the way, then they can get stuck or be deposited behind this object.


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