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The River Severn at Llanidloes

Llanidloes is the first town on the Severn.

Distance from Source: 17 km (10.6 miles)

Height above Sea Level: 165m

Width of river: 13m

image: map

Llanidloes is built on an area of flat land around the river's confluence with a tributary, the Afon Clywedog.

The river Clywedog joins the river Severn

The Clywedog has been dammed a few miles upstream, to form a reservoir, Lyn Clywedog. The reservoir provides some water locally and a small amount of electricity is also generated, but it was built primarily to regulate the flow of the Severn.

Follow this link to find out more about the Lyn Clywedog reservoir

Bridgend Factory, built in 1834, was one of the many flannel mills in the area, most of which have now gone. It is a reminder of the areas industrial past which also included lead mining and leather tanning.


The water is very clear and fast flowing.

image clear water

Can you see the stones and rocks brought down the river from the mountains?

image bridge

Berty Beaver wonders why there are stones in front of each pillar of the bridge arches. Do you know why?

The river bank, on the side close to the high street, is man made. Why do you think this is?

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Key Vocabulary

The material that is carried by a river and then deposited.

The point at which a tributary joins the main river

A small river / stream which joins the main river

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