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The River Severn at Lydney Harbour
The Severn Estuary

Lydney is situated on the north bank of the Severn Estuary where the river first begins to widen out. There has been a port here since Roman times, to ship out the iron ore and later coal that had been mined in the Forest of Dean. The harbour was the last port on the Severn where sea-going boats could unload.

image: harbour
Boats in the basin at Lydney Harbour

Why do you think the boats need to be moored in the harbour rather than out in the estuary?

image: lock
Entry lock into Lydney harbour

The River Severn carries a load of mud and sand as it travels from its source to its mouth. When the fresh water from the river meets the salty water from the sea, the river drops its load. Some of the material is washed away by the tide. However, often the mud and sand pile up around the estuary. The photo below shows a build up of silt around the entrance to Lydney harbour.

image;  silt
Where has all the silt come from?


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Key Vocabulary

The wide mouth of a river.

A mixture of sand and mud that is carried along than then dropped by the river.

The material that is carried by a river and then deposited.

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