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The River Severn at Tewkesbury
Gloucestershire, England

Tewkesbury is situated where the Avon meets the Severn, and where a number of other tributaries converge.

image avon tributary
The confluence of the Avon
The River Avon joins the River Severn

The area around Tewkesbury is frequently affected by flooding. However, often little damage is done to properties as the town is surrounded by large areas of floodplain.

image: map
Map of the rivers near Tewkesbury

Sadly, there are times though when the level of flood water rises too high and properties are damage.

When two months' rain fell on the town in one day in July 2007, the ensuring floods caused millions of pounds worth of damage and wrecked more than 800 homes. Three people were also killed in the flooding.

image: abbey
Tewkesbury Abbey

The immediate area next to the abbey has flooded annually since 2007, giving the appearance of a medieval island.

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More information information

Tewkesbury suffered very badly in the floods of July 2007. http://jdrn.pbwiki.com/Tewkesbury

Key Vocabulary

Flood Plain
An area of flat land found on either side of a river. This usually becomes wider as the river nears its mouth.

A weir is an artificial wall built across a river in order to make the river deeper. A weir is a small type of dam and it looks like a waterfall because water flows over the top of the weir.

A river / stream which flows into a larger river

The point at which a tributary joins the main river.


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