A pictorial guide to the River Thames


Thames Head

Pooh dragged his boat across the field and over a road, known to the Romans as Fosse Way.

Did you know? .....

The Fosse Way is the road the Romans built between Lincoln (Lindum) and Bath (Aquae Sulis). A fosse is a ditch, and the Fosse Way was so named because of the deep trench on either side which it still has.

The journey continues .....

In the next field, Pooh spotted the first sign of water.

Pools of WaterPools of water, several hundred metres further down from the official source at Thames Head.

On closer inspection of these pools, Pooh could see bubbles surfacing and the water moving; flowing forward with a sense of purpose. Pooh became very excited.

Soon the pools joined up to form a continuous stream.

Pooh climbed in his boat and began his voyage of discovery down the Thames.

His excitement soon changed to one of sorrow when the water ran out and he found himself trying to sail down a 'dry' River Thames.

Water all gone

Photograph shows where the infant river flows.
The photograph above shows the path the infant River Thames usually takes across the field.

The water has caused soil and rocks to be washed away creating a channel.
All streams and rivers flow through channels which have been eroded by water.

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