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Goring Gap

Height above sea level: 41.42 metres
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Goring Gap Millions of years ago the river Thames carved its way through the chalk of the Chiltern hills to form a gorge known as the 'Goring Gap'. The gorge separates the Berkshire Downs and the Chiltern Hills and its steep walls are now covered with trees.

This part of the river was a very important crossing point of two ancient routes. The Ridgeway (the ancient trackway along the crest of the chalk downs) and the Icknield Way (the prehistoric route joining Norfolk with Dorset).

The villages of Goring and Streatley lie on opposite sides of the river in the 'Goring Gap'. The two settlements were linked during Roman occupation by a raised causeway.

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Goring Village Sign - Oxfordshire

The picturesque village of Goring is situated on north bank of the River Thames directly across the river from the Berkshire village of Streatley.

The two settlements today are connected by the Goring and Streatley Bridge, with its adjacent lock and weir, and are often considered as a single settlement. The present bridge was built in 1923, a replica of the earlier wooden bridge. It was also at that time that it ceased to be a toll bridge.

Views from the Goring and Streatley Bridge

Swan Hotel
Looking upsteam
Steatley Village

Until Goring Lock was completed in 1797, travellers continued to use the Roman causeway or a ferry which offered an alternative to wet feet. A tragedy occurred in 1674 when a ferry overturned drowning 15 people and another foundered in 1810.

Weir with Streatley in the distance
Weir and lock on right
Goring Lock
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The picturesque village of Streatley-on-Thames lies in a valley on the Berkshire side of the river between Reading and Oxford facing the village of Goring on the Oxfordshire side.

Village Sign
You can see the Berkshire Downs in the distance

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