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Hampton Court Palace

Height above sea level: 4.38 metres

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For over 500 years, Hampton Court Palace has stood majestically on the banks of the River Thames. It is one of the world's finest royal palaces. Set in 60 acres of beautiful gardens and home to some of Britain's most famous kings and queens, this magnificent palace was specifically built to entertain and impress royal visitors.

Hampton Court Palace is a fine example of building built during the Tudor times. Built of red brick, it is nearly 700 ft long by 400 ft wide and contains over a thousand rooms.

Hampton Court Palace
Part of the garden and the palace

Cardinal Wolsey began the palace in 1514 when he was made Chaplain to King Henry Vll. He later gave to King Henry Vlll as a gift. Hampton Court became Henry's favourite palace and he spent large amounts of money improving and enlarging it.

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