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Kingston upon Thames

Height above sea level: 4.38 metres

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The Thames flows due north through the market town of Kingston which sits on the southern banks.

Kingston upon Thames is one of only four Royal Boroughs in England and Wales. The others are Windsor & Maidenhead, Kensington & Chelsea and Caernarfon. The name Kingston is derived from Kinges Tun, meaning a royal farm or estate. By Saxon times it was the site of a major church. Seven Saxon Kings were crowned in Kingston.

Small Marina near Kingston

You can catch a boat upstream to Hampton Court or downstream to Richmond.

Pleasure Trip Boat
Boat Fare
Pleasure Trip Boat

Kingston Bridge

There has been a bridge at Kingston at least since medieval times. Remains of the medieval bridge were excavated, and along with the remains of a medieval 'undercroft', have been re-sited in the basement of the John Lewis Store.  

The present Kingston bridge replaced an earlier wooden bridge in 1828.

Kingston's old wooden bridge was the only crossing above London Bridge until 1729.  Residents of Kingston broke the bridge deliberately in 1554 to stop Thomas Wyatt and his rebels from crossing.

Kingston Bridge in distance
Kingston Bridge
Kingston Bridge

Kingston Bridge was widened in 1914. More strengthening and widening work had to be done in 1999 to 2001. Unlike all the bridges so far, it has four lanes of traffic as well as two pedestrian paths.
Pooh looking over the bridge
View from Bridge
One of a few houseboats
Pooh looking over the bridge.
View from Bridge
looking downstream
One of a few houseboats
adjacent to the bridge

Kingston Town

The decorations
The decorations on this shop show important people connected with Kingston including King Edward the Elder, King Athelstan, King John, Edward III and Queen Elizabeth I. Phillipsons Lending Library was once here. It is said that Queen Victoria used the Library.

Royal Charters have enabled Kingston to set up markets to sell goods for over 800 years. The most famous charter was granted by Charles I who, in 1628, gave Kingston the right to ban other markets within 7 miles.

Market Day
Market House
A Victorian building dating from 1840

Appartments overlooking the river
Apartments overlooking the river.

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