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Height above sea level: 3.83 metres

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Richmond is a green and leafy town surrounded by open spaces. To the east and south lies Richmond Park a large area of wild heath and woodland that was first enclosed by Charles I as a hunting park. To the north lies the wide green lawns and playing fields of the Old Deer Park which run down to the River Thames.

Henry A royal palace once stood at Richmond, one that covered 20 acres and was favoured by Henry Vlll before Hampton Court.

Richmond started life as a small hamlet called Shene, consisting of a cluster of fishermen's cottages with a simple manor house. It didn't acquire its present name of Richmond until the 16th Century, when Henry Vll (Henry Vlll's father) rebuilt the manor house after a fire in 1499 and called it Rychemond. The manor house became known as Richmond Palace.

Henry Vlll and his daughters Mary l and Elizabeth l spent a good deal of time at Richmond Palace.

Not much of the palace remains today and what does has been made into a private residence and is not open to the public.

Richmond Canoe Club

The Royal Star and Garter Home

The Royal Star and Garter Home on Star and Garter Hill was established in 1916 and looks after disabled ex-Service men and women.

Richmond Bridge

Richmond Bridge connects Richmond upon Thames on the south bank with St. Margarets, on the north side.

Richmond bridge is made from Portland stone
and was freed from tolls in 1859 and widened in 1937

Before Richmond Bridge opened in 1777, a ferry owned by the Crown operated at this point on the river. 

The Railway Bridge

The bridge carries the South West Trains line from London Waterloo to Reading.

Richmond railway bridge with Twickenham road bridge in the background.
Twickenham Road Bridge
The bridge carries the A316 (Chertsey Road), which links Central and West London with the M3 motorway at Sunbury.

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