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The River Darent enters the Thames at Dartford. The town is named after the Darent and the ford, an important crossing on the river.

Dartford Crossing

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The Dartford - Thurrock River Crossing is one of Europe's most heavily used crossings across the Thames between Dartford and Thurrock. The crossing forms a vital link in the M25, Britain's most important orbital road.

Southbound traffic uses the Queen Elizabeth II bridge, a four-lane cable-stayed bridge.

Queen Elizabeth II bridge

The Queen Elizabeth II bridge was openned on the 30th October 1991, and is 450 metres long and is Europe's largest cable supported bridge.

Northbound traffic use one of two two-lane tunnels.

Driving towards one of the tunnels with the bridge in the background.

Entering the tunnel

There is a toll for using the tunnels and the bridge.

last updated Sept 2013
0600 - 2200
2200 - 0600
Motor Cycle (with or without sidecar) or mechanically powered bicycle
Motor Car: including Motor Car with three wheels or Taxi
Light or Medium Goods Vehicle: Motor Coach, Omnibus or Tractor: having no more than two axles
Heavy Goods Vehicle, Motor Coach or Omnibus or Tractor having more than two axles
sp Motor Cars for Disabled Persons - no charge if exempt from payment of Road Fund Tax

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