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Cricklade is the first town and the only Wiltshire town situated on the banks of the River Thames. It is a Saxon settlement that King Alfred fortified against the Vikings.

The name Cricklade means 'place by the river crossing'.

Just to the east of the town is The Ermin Way, one of the greatest roads ever to be built by the Romans. It links Londinium (London) with Corinium (Cirencester).

The River Churn, which has a rival claim to the source of the Thames, joins the Thames as a tributary at Cricklade.

St Sampson is a Cotswold wool church built from the same stone as Gloucester cathedral.

Thames flowing through a wood

Pooh wondered how barges used to sail up the Thames to Cricklade. Barges navigated the River Thames up to Cricklade until early in the 19th century. The river today is too shallow for any boat to reach town. Pooh did not meet any boats as he sailed through Cricklade

The photograph on the right shows the Thames flowing through a wood just after leaving Cricklade. You can see the river bed through the clear water. The river is less than 30cm deep.

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