Winnie the Pooh sails the Thames The River Thames
From Source to Sea

Round House

In between Inglesham and Lechlade is the Round House which marks the start of the navigation on the Thames.

The water in the river is deep enough for boats from here to the sea. Pooh passed a blue canal boat sailing up the river. It was heading for the Thames & Severn canal.


The Thames & Severn canal joins the Thames at the Round House.

Round houses were built as accommodation for the Thames & Severn Canal lock-keepers, and several have survived the canal, which closed in 1927. Horses were stabled on the ground floor, people lived above and they each had a flat lead roof to act as their water tank.


The river is much wider and contains more water. Can you see the canal boat Pooh saw?

Did you know?....

The river Thames flows through the nine counties of Gloucestershire , Wiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Middlesex, Essex and Kent, before finally entering the North Sea.

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