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"Explore ideas about sculpture; investigate and use materials and processes to communicate ideas and meanings in three-dimensional form; comment on similarities and differences between their own and others' work; adapt and improve their own work."

Watch a video of an artist in action
Trudi Entwistle is a sculptor who wants the audience to look at her work from all angles and as a result see the world around them differently. She works out her ideas in cardboard before having them manufactured in stainless steel.

What is sculpture?
This online resource covers many aspects of the art curriculum. It includes a section on sculpture, and features workshops and pictures of works of art that would be expensive to reproduce in hard copy.

screenshotExamples of Sculptures from

screenshotThe Case of the Mystery Object (Henry Moore's Recumbent Figure, 1938)

All about Sculptures
Children's Museum

The Henry Moore Foundation

Alexander Calder (sculptor and inventor of the mobile)

Andy Goldsworthy (sculptor)
l l Andy Goldsworthy Sculpture

Barbara Hepworth profile:

Kinder Art (Pop ups!)
Sculpture and Collage Lesson Ideas

Picasso on the Web

Local sculptors available for in school workshops




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