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Union Jack- The UK Flag
The UK flag, how it is made, history and its future

Questions and answers on England

England Topics- the country and the people

London, England - Photographs / Information / The Queen

Britain and the UK - What's the difference?

United Kingdom - The Facts

Union Jack (UK Flag)

Facts about England


France for Kids
Information for school project on France


India for Kids
Learn about India

Flags for different countries

  Europe - Learn where each country is

Switzerland for Kids

Switzerland - The Facts

Norway - The Facts

Holland (Netherlands) - The Facts

Netherlands (Holland)

Italy -

Italy - The Facts


Facts on Countries Around the World

Outline Maps -
Find an outline of your country here

Countries -
Yahooligans listing for specific country sites all over the web.

Climate, information, flags etc.

Geographia -
Explore many exciting cultures through pictures, sounds and movies!




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