Sample Sats Questions - Year 6

The following questions are taken from past Sats papers. You may use a calculator to answer these questions.
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1.Millie and Ryan play a number game 'What's my number?'

Is it under 20? No
Is it under 25? Yes
Is it odd? Yes
Is it a prime number? Yes

What is the number?

2. The height of a model car is 2.8 centimetres. The height of the real car is 50 times the height of the model. What is the height of the real car? Give your answer in metres.

3. Write the number that is nearest to 5000 which uses all the digits

4, 5, 6 and 7.

4. A shop sells sheets of sticky labels. On each sheet there are 36 rows and 18 columns of labels. How many labels are there altogether on 45 sheets?

5. Harry has six tins of soup. The labels have fallen off. Here are the labels:

pea soup tomato soup chicken soup
pea soup tomato soup mushroom soup

What is the probability that the tin soup he chooses is NOT a tin of tomato soup. Give your answer as a fraction.

6. Calculate 7/8 of 5000

7. If 126 x 25 = 3150
explain how you can work out

127 x 25

8.  What could the missing numbers be?

x 4 = 8

9. What could the missing numbers be?

+ + = 85

10. Tim buys a 19p postcard. He pays exactly 19p with five coins.
What could the five coins be?

11. 593 - 20 = 3 1

12. Write in the missing number.

, 13 , 25 , 49

13. Complete this three digit number so that it is a multiple of 9.


14. Simon draws a quadrilateral.

It has these properties:

  • it has 2 long sides the same length;
  • it has 2 short sides the same length;
  • it does NOT have any right angles;
  • it does NOT have reflective symmetry.

Write the mathematical name for Sarah's quadrilateral.

15. In a country dance there are 3 boys and 2 girls in every line.
42 boys take part in the dance.

How many girls take part?