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Maths Word Problems and Mental Maths

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Play Grid Game
(Squares, multiples, triangular numbers....)
Word Problems
Mental Maths

Year 3 a

Year 3 b

Year 4 a

Year 4 b

Year 5 a

Year 5 b

Year 6 a

Year 6 b

Rounding to nearest 10 or 100

Rounding to 100

Doubling numbers up to 100

Converting metres to kilometres

Challenges for the gifted

IQ Maths Year 3a

IQ Maths Year 3b

IQ Maths Year 4a

IQ Maths Year 4b

IQ Maths Year 5

IQ Maths Year 6

More Word problems

Word Problems 1

Word Problems 2

Year 6 Sats Mental Arithmetic

Multiplication problem solving

Addition and subtraction problem solving 

Game Show  play against your friends
Game Show
Easy / Hard

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