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Year 5 Word Problems B

Can you solve the following word problems?
Read the questions carefully then choose the right answer from the list. When you have finished, check your answers by clicking the "Finished" button at the bottom.

 1. What is the difference between 333 and 444?
 2. What is the product of 10 and 30?
 3. What is 2% of 200metres?
 4. How many sides are there on a cube?
 5. Find the sum of 378 and 98.
 6. How many metres is 1.5 km?
 7. Peter has a 1 pound coin. What change does he receive when he buys a game for 34p ?
 8. What is 0.4 as a percentage?
 9. What is 0.75 as a fraction?

10. The perimeter of a square is 40 centimetres.

What is the length of each side?