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Year 6 Word Problems A

Can you solve the following word problems?
Read the questions carefully then choose the right answer from the list. When you have finished, check your answers by clicking the "Finished" button at the bottom.

 1.  39 + 31  
 2.  An orange costs 49p. How much do 3 oranges cost?
(The answer must include a pound sign)

eg. £2.43
 3.  499-199  
 4. What is the biggest number you can make out of the following 3 digits 4,7,9?  
 5. A bag of sweets weighs 20g.
How many would weigh exactly 1 kg?
 6. In a school of 120 children only 1/3 are girls. How many boys are in the school? boys  
 7. If I am facing North and I turn clockwise through 180 degrees.
Which direction am I facing?
 8. How many minutes are there in 4 and half-hours?
 9. A sack of letters weighs 3 kg (without the weight of the sack). Each letter weighs 20g. How many letters are in the sack? letters  
10. A bag of potatoes weighs 56kg.
How many 2 kg bags can you get from it?
How well did you do?