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Word Problems 2

Can you solve the following word problems?
When you have finished, check your answers by clicking the "Finished" button at the bottom.

 1. What is double forty-five?  
 2. Write three hundred and twenty-six to the nearest ten.  

 3. Which time is the same as fourteen-thirty?

2:30am, 4:30pm, 4:30am, 1;43pm, 2:30pm
 4. How many sevens are there in two hundred and ten?  
 5. How many metres are there in one point five kilometres?   m
 6. How many minutes are there in an hour and a half?  
 7. What is one and a half added to four and a half?  
 8. What is the sum of twenty-three and twenty-seven?  
 9. Calculate the difference between five hundred and two hundred and thirty?  
 10. What is one hundred and five divided by 5?  
 11. What is three-quarters of two hundred?  
 12. What is twenty-one multiplied by nine?  
 13. Imagine a cube. How many vertices does it have?  
 14. What is four multiplied by three point five?  
 15. What is two percent of three hundred?  
 16. Look at the following prices
Adults £5.50
Children £3.00
What is the total cost of two adults and one child?
 17. What is the remainder when ninety-seven is divided by five?  

 18. Which of the following numbers is a factor of thirty?

4, 6, 7, 20, 60, 70
 19. What is the name of the angle which is less than ninety degrees?
 20. A bag of four oranges cost thirty-seven pence.
How much do twelve oranges cost?

by Mandy Barrow