The Mountain Environment

by Mandy Barrow

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Volcanic Eruptions

title imageAs well as the danger from the hot lava, an erupting volcano can trigger are life threatening things.

  • tsunamis
  • flash floods
  • earthquakes
  • mud flows
  • rock falls.

volcanoEffect of Volcanoes on people and the environment

Volcanoes can have a very serious effect on the lands and people around them when they erupt.

  • Buildings are destroyed and people are made homeless.

  • People are killed.

  • Clouds of ash cover plants making them inedible.

  • Poisonous gases kill people and animals.

  • Dust causes pneumonia and illnesses to the survivors.

  • Dark skies, severe winds and heavy rains may follow an eruption for months afterwards.

Current Volcanic Activity

volcano People and Volcanoes

One in 10 people in the world live within 'danger range' of an active volcano.

People can get used to living near a volcano, but it is always a little dangerous. Scientists have estimated that at least 200,000 persons have lost their lives as a result of volcanic eruptions during the last 500 years.

People set up homes on the slopes of volcanoes because of the rich, fertile soil produced.

parts of a volcano
Parts of a volcano

Largest active volcano

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