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Food Chains


A food chain always starts with a plant.
All plants are PRODUCERS.)

A food chain ends with a PREDATOR.
(The predator is at the top of the food chain)

All living things need food to give them the energy to grow and move.

What is a food chain?

A food chain shows how each living thing gets its food. It shows who is eating who. The arrow means "is eaten by" .

Grass ----> Grasshopper ----> Toad ----> Snake ----> Hawk

Grass is eaten by Grasshopper is eaten by Toad is eaten by Snake is eaten by Hawk

Answering questions about food chains

You may be asked to link a plant, which is a producer, to an animal, which feeds on it and is known as a consumer and then to another animal, also a consumer, which feeds on the first animal.
Always use an arrow which points from the producer to the consumer

nettle -----> caterpillar -----> bird

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