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Life and Living Processes

Fast Facts before doing the quiz

  • A producer makes food for itself and others to feed off it. A producer is the first link in a food chain. It is often a green plant.
  • A consumer is something that eats something. Animals are consumers.

    Animals have to eat other animals or producers to survive.

  • A predator is an animal that eats another animal.
  • A prey is an animal that is eaten by a predator.
Below are some examples of Key Stage 2 science questions and how you should answer them.
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1) Why don't seeds need sunlight to germinate?

2) A black plastic bag is tied around one plant and a transparent (clear) bag around another plant.

a) Will they both grow well?

b) Write a reason why

3) Seeds from a plant can be spread in different ways.

a) Name the three ways.

b) Name three seeds which can be spread by each method.

c) Why should plants have seeds?

4) Name two things plants need to grow healthy.

5) What must all seeds have to start to grow?

6) Which part of a plant collects pollen from bees?

7) How do petals help the plant to become pollinated?

8) Bees pollinate plants. Write down other ways that some plants are pollinated.

For more questions Parts of a Plant l Plant Quiz

Keeping Healthy

1) Why do people who smoke get short of breath when they exercise?

2) What should you do to stay healthy? Which 3 answers are correct?

 a)Smoke  b) Exercise regularly c) Eat lots of chips 
 d) Wash regularly  e) Eat Fresh Fruit and Vegetables  f) Read books

3) What job does the heart do?

4) a. Which three activities below would make your pulse rate go up?

Sleeping   Watching TV  Cycling
 Running  Reading  Swimming

b. Explain why your pulse would go up.

c. What is the normal pulse rate of someone at rest?

Food Chains



 grass snake



Complete the food chain below involving the plant and animals above.





 grass snake 

2) The producer in the food chain above is the

b) The consumer that is not a predator is the

c) The is a predator but not the prey.

d) The is a predator and also a prey.

A gall wasp eats oak leaves
A woodpecker eats insects such as gall wasps

3) Use the infomation in the photos above.

Write the names of three living things to show a food chain.




4) A mouse eats the oats in the farmer's barn and the cat eats the mouse.

Write a food chain to show this:

b) Name the producer and consumer.

c) What is another name for consumer?


1) When food is canned (put in tins) it is heated to kill microbes.

The cans of food often spend months in a warm cupboard in kitchens.

Why don't any remaining microbes breed to dangerous levels?

2) Why do dried foods such as cereals remain edible for so long?

3) Why does putting food in a freezer keep it fresh for so long?


1) All vertebrates have internal skeletons.
Name two reasons why vertebrates animals have internal skeletons.

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