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Physical Processes SATs Questions

Below are some examples of Key Stage 2 science questions and how you should answer them.

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1. Two teams are having a tug of war.
Neither team is winning why?

ii) Team One eventually pulls Team Two over. Why?

2). Which one of these is not a force?




air resistance

3) Alex was pinging an elastic band.
Explain how the sound reaches your ears.

ii) Why does the sound become high if Alex shortens the elastic?

4a) During the day, are we facing the Sun or facing away from the Sun?

b) Why is it hot in summer and cold in winter?

You can find out more on our ' Why do we have Seasons?' page

c) Does the Sun orbit the moon?

5a) Describe what a shadow puppet would look like next to its light source.

b) Why does the puppet make a shadow?

c) As the puppet moves away from the light source, how does the shadow change?

6) Use the following words to complete the sentences below.







a) A mirror is .....

b) The Sun is .....

c) A window is .....

d) A person is .....

e) Kitchen foil is .....

f) Water is .....

7) Sarah is testing friction by pushing a rubber and an ice cube across her desk.

a) Which would be easier to push across the desk, the rubber or the ice cube?

b) Which has more friction, the rubber or the ice cube?

8) If Gemma can just hear a sound very faintly at 30m, estimate how well she will hear the sound at 40m.

9) On Earth, a 100g mass has a weight of 1 newton.

What is the weight of a 700g mass?

10) Explain in terms of forces, why racing cars are made in a streamlined shape?

Which of the following words explains why electrical wires are made from copper.


 a conductor


Copper is

b) Why are electrical wires covered in plastic?


 easily melted

 not magnetic

 an insulator

 Plastic is

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