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The River Amazon

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The Amazon river runs 4,000 miles from the Andes to the sea, and is longer than any river but the Nile. The Amazon River is therefore the second longest river in the world. It is also the largest in terms of the size of its watershed, the number of tributaries, and the volume of water discharged into the sea. The vast Amazon basin covers more than two and a half million square miles, more than any other rainforests. No bridge crosses the river along its entire length.

South America
Countries it flows through
Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia
6400 kilometres (4,000 miles)
Number of tributaries
Over 200
Lago Villafro in the Andes Mountains, Peru
Brazil into the Atlantic Ocean (delta)

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Amaz(on)ing facts on the Worlds greatest river!

This mightiest of rivers forms a network of water channels that permeates nearly half of South America.

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