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Websites about Rivers

River Severn
| River Thames

UK Rivers
A map showing the main rivers in Britain

Information on Rivers in Britain

The River Trent

The River Severn
The River Severn is Britain's longest river, rising in mid Wales and flowing for 220 miles to the Bristol Channel.

River Severn Flood

Other River Web Sites

Major Rivers of the world

Journey along a river

Rivers and Coasts - BBC site

Rivers of the World - Kent NGfL

River Features - Kent NGfL

Photos of Rivers - Kent NGfL

Investigating Rivers
Learn about Rivers and the Water Cycle with Naturegrid.

Investigating Rivers
Learn about Rivers and the Water Cycle with Channel 4.

A River Study
The River Darenth by Year 5 students

River systems of the world has data about each river

River Facts
Facts about the five longest rivers in the world.

Rivers from Source to Sea
An account of the journey.

Why are rivers important?

The Rivers Cyberhunt

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