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The River Severn

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The River Severn
(Welsh: Afon Hafren)

Photos from source to mouth

The River Severn, like all rivers, provide us with food, energy, recreation, transportation routes, and water for irrigation and for drinking. Join Winnie the Pooh and friends as they journey down the River Severn from source to sea and discover exciting facts and information about the river.

Introduction to the River Severn

The River Severn seeps out of the earth in a peat bog in the Cambrian Mountains of Wales.

Image Pooh and friends
Pooh and friends at the source of the Severn

Facts about the Source of the River Severn

  • peat bog
  • location Plynlimon, Cambrian Mountains, Wales
  • elevation 610 m (2,001 ft)
  • coordinates 52.493465°N 3.734578°W

Two hundred and twenty miles (354km) and four counties later, it is swallowed by the Bristol Channel and eventually the Alantic Ocean.

image Mouth
The friends are amazed at the enormous size of the mouth of the River Severn

Facts about the Mouth of the River Severn

  • location Bristol Channel, England
  • elevation 0 m (0 ft)
  • size over five miles wide

The River Severn is 6 miles (10 km) longer than the River Thames, making it the longest river in Great Britain. It flows in a semi-circular route through the Welsh county of Powys and the English counties of Shropshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.

Interesting River Severn facts

  • As well as the River Severn, two other rivers have their source on the mountain - the rivers Wye and Rheidol.
  • The Severn's name is derived from the Latin word Sabrina, previously "Hafren" in Welsh, which means "boundary".
  • The Hafren Forest takes its name from the River Severn, the Afon Hafren in Welsh
  • The estuary of the River Severn is over five miles wide.
  • The estuary forms a physical boundary between England and Wales.
  • During high tides a wall of water can travel upstream for over 25 miles. This tidal wave is known as the Severn Bore and can swell the depth of the river by up to 50ft (15m).

Look out for the three main functions of a river as you journey down the River Severn with Pooh and his friends.

  1. Transportation of water
  2. Erosion (carrying sediment)
  3. Deposition (depositing the sediment)

image: sign to the source
A sign to the Source of the Severn / Tarddiad Hafren

Click on the arrows to follow our virtual tour of the River Severn from source to sea. Alternatively you can visit our contents page for a full list of places and river features found along the river.

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