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Map of the River Severn

and a list of tributaries

The River Severn bubbles out of the ground on the slopes of Plynlimon in Wales, near the Irish sea.

image map of the river Severn

The Tributaries of the River Severn and where they join the river:

  1. Afon Clywedog joins the Severn at Llanidloes
  2. River Camlad joins the Severn near Camlad
  3. River Vyrnwy joins the Severn at Melverley, Shropshire
  4. River Perry joins the Severn at Montford Bridge
  5. Rea Brook joins the Severn at Shrewsbury
  6. River Tern joins the Severn at Attingham Park
  7. Cound Brook joins the Severn at Eyton on Severn
  8. Sheinton Brook joins the Severn at Sheinton
  9. River Worfe joins the Severn above Bridgnorth
  10. Borle Brook joins the Severn at Arley
  11. Dowles Brook joins the Severn above Kidderminster
  12. River Stour joins the Severn at Stourport-on-Severn
  13. River Salwarpe joins the Severn above Worcester
  14. River Teme joins the Severn downstream of Worcester
  15. Warwickshire Avon joins the Severn at Tewkesbury
  16. River Chelt joins the River Severn at Wainlode
  17. River Leadon joins the Severn at Over
  18. River Frome joins the Severn at Upper Framilode
  19. River Wye joins the Severn at Chepstow
  20. Bristol Avon flows into the Severn through the Avon Gorge
  21. River Usk flows into the Severn estuary just south of Newport

Follow this link to see photos of the tributaries of the River Severn

Key vocabulary

Streams and small rivers that feed a river are called tributaries.

Drainage Basin
The land area drained by a river. The entire system of tributaries that feed a river makes up the drainage basin.

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