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Teacher Notes

River Thames

In 2007, Winnie the Pooh travelled down the River Thames in his boat. It took him several months and he visited many of the towns and villages along the way. The Thames has less river features than the Severn.

In 2010, I added a shorter version of the journey down the Thames with bigger photos.

River Severn

In 2009, Winnie the Pooh decided to meet up with two friends to travel down the River Severn. On their journey they learned about the different features of the river. You can read about their journey down the River Severn throughout the following pages.

Why the three friends were chosen

The main reason was for inspiring creative writing. Children could write their own journeys down the river using one of the three friends.

'Imagine you went on the journey with one of the friends. Write a description of your journey down the river from the source to the sea'.

Winnie the Pooh
Having already travelled down the Thames, he can compare the similarities and differences between the two rivers. Pupils may now like to follow his journey down the Thames.

Note: The Severn has many more river features. Why could this be? Height of source, length of river, terrain etc

Percy Penguin
Percy is lost up a mountain in Wales and wants to go home.
Why is he up there? How did he get there?
Percy knew that all rivers flowed to the sea. He thought that, as the source of the Severn was close to the Irish sea, he could sail down the Severn to the Irish Sea. However, the journey took him away from the Irish sea. Why?

Berty Beaver
In the past, Beavers lived in the wild in Britain, that was until they they were hunted to extinction. They were killed for both for their fur and for castoreum, a secretion from the beavers' scent gland which was used in some medicines. Thanks to conservationists, they will soon be spotted in the wild again.

Berty Beaver is a good swimmer and will help Pooh travel down some of the more difficult parts of the Severn.

An alternative story could be:

'Imagine you are a water droplet. Write a description of your journey down the river from the source to the sea.'

How to navigate the River Severn site

next pageAt the bottom of each page are arrows which take you on to the next page or back to the previous page.

The contents page contains a list of places with river features.

The places page names the main towns and their counties

The links on the left of each page are to pages I thought would be particularly popular.

Further Resources

River Severn teaching resources

River Darent
A small river in Kent which flows into the River Thames. The 'pollution' pages are particularly good when focusing on factories and pollution.

River Thames
Pooh's trip down the river Thames from source to sea. Why not compare his journey down the Thames with his journey down the Severn?

There is more to come .....

Over the coming months, I plan to add more photos and information to the River Severn pages.

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