A pictorial guide to the River Thames

The end of your journey with Pooh
down the River Thames

Here is a brief summary from source to Sea.

The Source of the River Thames

Winnie the Pooh began his journey in the gentle countryside of the Cotswold Hills in Gloucestershire. At first he had trouble sailing his boat. Why did Pooh have problems sailing his boat near the source?

Boats grew in size

Pooh sailed passed many boats. He noticed that the boats got bigger the nearer he got to the sea. Why do you think the boats got bigger?


Pooh saw horses drinking the water near Oxford. What other animals did Pooh see on his journey down the river? Do you know of other animals he might have seen but did not take a photo of?


Pooh sailed under many bridges on his journey to the sea. The suspension bridge at Marlow was one of his favourites. Can you remember which bridge is the oldest bridge over the River Thames?

Royal Homes

At Windsor Pooh fed the swans. A very famous person lives in Windsor. Her family used to own many palaces and castles along the Thames. Can you name any of the royal homes along on the Thames?

Tidal Thames

After Teddington, the River Thames became tidal. Pooh had to be careful. What differences can you think of between a 'normal' river and a tidal river?


Pooh also saw many weirs. Most of the weirs were near locks.
Can you remember what weirs do?

What is the name of the biggest city the Thames flows through ?


The Thames grew and grew. It started life as a few puddles joined together and ended up 5 miles wide before disappearing into the North Sea.

We hope you have enjoyed your journey with Pooh down the Thames.


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