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The main tributaries of the Thames are

Leach (30 km) joins the Thames near Lechlade, Gloucestershire
Churn (37 km) joins the Thames at Cricklade, Wiltshire
Coln (52 km) joins the Thames at Inglesham, Wiltshire
Windrush (48 km) joins the Thames near Standlake, Oxfordshire
Kennet (77 km) joins the Thames at Reading, Berkshire
Evenlode (68 km) joins the Thames near Bladdon, Oxfordshire
Ock ( 37 km) joins the Thames at Abingdon, Oxfordshire
Loddon (32 km) joins the Thames at Wargrave, Berkshire

Diagram showing the tributaries of the River Thames

The River Darent or River Darenth is a Kentish tributary of the River Thames.

Did you know? ...
Most rivers are tributaries, which means they join rivers before they reach the sea.

It is said that the River Thames used to be a tributary of the River Rhine. The Thames once flowed further to the north, through Buckinghamshire to Essex, before becoming a tributary to the River Rhine.  Around 475,000 years ago glaciers forced the river southwards along its present course. ( Information from Museum in Docklands)

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