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Day Length in the UK

What is meant by day length?

Daytime starts at sunrise and ends at sunset.

Day length (length of the day) is the time from sunrise to sunset when it is light.

Did you know?

Daylight hours are exactly opposite for the Southern and Northern Hemispheres.

Day Length in the UK

As the UK is a relatively small country the day length does not differ much from place to place.

Click here to investigate sunrise and sun set in the Uk

Example: 3 October 2007

  Sunrise Sunset
Day length
Aberdeen, Scotland
(north UK)
07:15 18:39 11:24
Cardiff, Wales
(west UK)
07:16 18:47 11:31
Ipswich, England
(east UK)
06:59 18:29 11:30
England (south UK)
07:08 18:40 11:32
London 07:04 18:35  

Times of sunrise and sunset in the UK in 2009

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Click here to go to an interactive activity to see the length of the day and night, as well as sunrise and sunset times for a chosen date.

Day Length around the World

To spot patterns in the differences and similarities between day lengths in different places it is necessary to use a larger area of the globe. Visit the next page to read more

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