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Britain Since the 1930s

by Mandy Barrow
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Life in Britain since the WW2

Inventions since the 1930s | Timeline from the end of the war

Life in 1948 | Population from 1991 | Websites



Channel 4

Life in Britain since the War
The same technology used during the war has transformed the home. Freezers and microwaves have changed the way we eat, and supermarkets have revolutionised our shopping habits. More people owning cars has led to a decline in high street shops and the development of out-of-town shopping and leisure centres


BBC Time Tunnel Game BBC Time Tunnel Game

Children's TV & Radio In The 1960's



Conected Earth
Connected Earth WebsiteHow has life in Britain changed since 1948?
There are five main areas to investigate changes in British life: working life, home life, popular culture, population, and technology.

Send a telegram as SMS

Experiment with writing a telegram using as few words as possible, then have it sent as a text message for free and without any charge to the recipient.

Web quest - turn time detective!
A lot has happened since 1948, especially in the worlds of news, entertainment and sport. How good will you be at tracking down the clues about these ten popular events?....

Voices from history
Two children have recorded phone calls 'from history' giving first-hand accounts of life in Britain in days gone by...

Lesson Support material
Facts and resources to help plan lessons including timelines, summaries of changes for work, home, popular culture, population and technology, and support sheets for activities designed to meet the syllabus requirements for Key Stage 2 History QCA module 13 - How has life in Britain changed since 1948?





Inventions since the 1930s | Timeline from the end of the war

Life in 1948 | Population from 1991 | Websites


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